Dieffenbachia Vines or Roots?

Does Dumbcane (Diffenbachia) have Vines or Creeping Roots?  Maybe you can help.
Starting a couple years back, my Diffenbachia started growing these little green vines.

At first, I though they were offshoots.But they never increased in thickness, and just kept getting longer.

So then I thought maybe they were creeping roots, and figured I would just bury them.
But the buried ones kept popping right back out of the dirt, trying to grow upright.

I did quite a bit of research on Diffenbachia anatomy, but was unable to find any clues.
My wife wants to remove them, as they are getting a little too “creepy” (pun intended).  But I wonder if they are the sign of a happy plant, one that will potentially flower (which I know is rare).  So I am a little hesitant to remove them without knowing what they are, and how removal might affect the plant.  So now it is time to ask the community.  Do you know what this is or know anyone who can help?  Can I remove them without negatively impacting the plant?  Should I just continue to bury them?  Or maybe wrap them around the main plant stems?  Inquiring minds like mine want to know.

One comment

  1. Wondering if you found answers for this. I have a single vine growing but it is pink with three leaves at the end and about two feet long and windy.


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